With many years’ experience carrying out construction, refurbishment and fit-outs in numerous different types of medical facilities, Gee Construction has a detailed understanding of the very specific needs of the Healthcare sector.


Understanding Healthcare establishments

Delivering successful construction projects for Healthcare Clients requires special consideration for the specific type of building occupants, and the equipment and services needed for their care.

With many years’ experience carrying out construction, refurbishment and fit-outs in numerous different types of medical facility, Gee Construction has a detailed understanding of the very specific needs of the Healthcare sector.

Hygiene and cleanliness are priorities, while noise must be contained and managed.

Where buildings contain specialist medical equipment, these can have specific technical requirements such as shielding, which must be met at the highest level. Building works must not cause any type of equipment failure which could affect diagnostic efficiency or patient and staff safety.

In almost all medical buildings we need to work around people at all times. While this is not unique to healthcare, the people in these facilities are patients – ill, perhaps disabled, often distressed – and staff who need to keep patients safe and progress their recovery. It is imperative that our building works do not disturb the patients or prevent staff from doing their jobs.

To meet the particular needs of our healthcare Clients, we insist on exacting standards of planning, execution and communication throughout all projects. We also require all sub-contractors to conform to the same high standards.

A dedicated and experienced Project Management Team with Healthcare Sector experience

Our team of skilled professionals provides tailored solutions to meet the precise needs of the Healthcare projects that we complete. When deadlines are pressing, we can offer fast-track programmes and from day one, a dedicated Project Manager will ensure that work is completed on time and on budget.


Dedicated to delivering the projects on time

Gee Construction is highly regarded for delivering our project within the agreed programme whilst maintaining the highest levels of quality.

In 2014, over 90% of our projects were completed on time

We view each project as unique and have experienced teams that ensure we exceed the requirements and aspirations of all our Clients, regardless of their size.


Minimising disruption to the Healthcare environment

It may be a requirement that the facility remains in use throughout the construction works, so Gee Construction will manage the project to allow this.

It is necessary to ensure that noise and disruption is to be kept at a minimum as well as endeavouring to schedule any exceptionally noisy aspect of the project to out of office hours.


Safety of staff and visitors comes first at all times.

To support the safety and security of staff that will be present on site, we employ rigorous audits of all the personnel involved in our projects and will ensure that all directly employed Gee Construction staff are DBS checked.

We take the management of Health and Safety of employees, sub-contractors, staff and visitors extremely seriously and we are proud of the outstanding record that we have attained, and will continue to review our policies and practices to ensure that Health and Safety is at the forefront of all that we do. We endeavour to facilitate these Health and Safety requirements by ensuring that all involved or affected are made aware of the potential risks associated with construction sites.


Restoring the old to reflect the new

It is likely that many projects may involve the restoration of Grade II listed buildings. We have a specialist team who are experienced in carrying out delicate restoration work and refreshing external façade to reflect modern requirements.


Quality is paramount

With a commitment to excellence endorsed by ISO9001 certification, whatever the size of the project, we are committed to the highest standards and use only top quality materials from leading suppliers to create practical and modern designs.


Exceeding our environmental responsibilities throughout our projects

Gee Construction has attained the ISO14001 accreditation for our Environmental Management system and we recognise the growing importance that this has. Throughout the duration of our projects, we work with our Clients to minimise the Environmental impact of the development and to optimise the sustainable benefits.

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