Housing Case Study - Barbican

Gee completed a project for the Corporation of London for the complete removal and refurbishment of the roofs and patios to Bunyan Court and John Trundle Court high rise blocks of the Barbican iconic Grade II listed flats, (Chamberlin, Powell and Bon in the Brutalist style).

All works were completed to the satisfaction of the client within the contract period of 52 weeks.

These works required the erection of scaffolding from a parapet wall located on the 9th Floor extending upwards to create a temporary roof whilst the works were in progress. The project had to be carried out in two phases.  The first phase to cover and complete half of Bunyan Court and John Trundle Court.  Then, on completion, to move the temporary Roof covering to the remaining areas on both blocks of flats.

Close liaison with the residents of the premises was required due to the requirement to access individual properties for various works to the patio areas located on the tenth floor. Regular meetings were held with residents to discuss the works as the project progressed, because the removal of resident’s property, flowers and patio furniture was required. All items were transported down to the ground floor were arrangements had to be made for storage. All flowers, shrubs and trees that the residents had located on their patios were removed to the Corporation of London’s own nursery facility for safe keeping, and returned at the end of the contract.

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